Torinit is a team of technology enthusiasts operating from Pune, India and Toronto, Canada. Since inception our industry has seen tremendous progression and growth, and so did we. We started our business developing internet based software that has now branched out into Mobile Development, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine to Machine Communications (IOT), and chatbots. We determinedly believe that custom software is the most powerful tool and will remain so for decades to come.


We have built solutions for enterprise companies, legacy SMEs, Agencies, NGOs, Governments, and some of the most renowned startups in Canada and India. We are immensely grateful to the organizations we service for providing us with the opportunity to help them unlock their full potential in the digital world.


At Torinit, we are confident that every organization operating in the 21st century will have a software centric strategy to improve their customer experiences in the future and look forward to transforming the way organizations utilize their digital ecosystem today.


We Value:-

Honesty | Dependability | Relationship Before Revenue | Workmanship


Service as a Joy!

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Our Enthusiasts:

We are a team of passionate, hard working and value-centric people that make Torinit what it is. Our team of business analysts, product managers, designers, software engineers, and quality insurers working with our CTO, enabling us to drive measurable results to our clients.


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iOS Apps

With 500 million+ iPhone users around the world, an iOS App is a great way to reach and service your customers. Our iOS team understands the importance of your customer journey on their personal devices and ensures a 5-star user experience. See some of the work we have done.

Android Apps

With 1 billion + growing users around the world, it is vital to be on the play store at this day and age. Our Android team religiously keeps themselves updated on development guidelines to ensure that state of the art in-app experience and navigation is delivered to the customer. See some of the work we have done.

Web Apps

Even in the world of portable small-screen devices, web apps deliver one of the finest and proximal online experiences to your customers. Our web team has experienced software engineers that are proficient in all major technology stacks. See some of the work we have done.


Opensource CMS’s are often regarded as an easy alternative to hardcoding, it actually isn’t as simple. Our Opensource subject matter experts have worked diligently to enhance and streamline many previously built systems. See some of the work we have done.


Here is a glance of some of the work we have done:

Crafted with care, coded with coffee, and celebrated with champagne

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Torinit India

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Torinit USA

402 West Broadway, Suite #400, San Diego, California, 92101

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