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Who we are

Torinit is a digital product development company that embraces the power of technology to turn traditional value chains into high performing ecosystems. We architect, develop, and improve digital products and experiences that enable organizations to obsess over their customers.

Our Advantage
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Our vision is to make Canada a fully digitized economy that serves as an example for the rest of the world. We are driven by positive differences in our community, with the mission to serve as an enabler to organizations driven towards digitalization for the benefit of their customers and communities.

  • Obsess Over Your Business.
  • Focused Growth Mindset.
  • Think Glocal.
  • Enable Multiplier Effect Equation.
  • Service As A Joy! (SaaJ)
The most dependable and consistent way to create, grow or optimize your business is to understand your customer’s intent.That's why we're trusted by:

Our Process


Before we lift our keyboards to code, we look to understand exactly what you need by using our proven frameworks that identify what you need vs.
what you think you need vs. what your consumers actually need. This helps us drill down to the core solutions that add the most value to your ecosystem both technologically and strategically. We ensure that at the end of our discovery process you have well documented product maps, blueprints, and architectures that are aligned with your business plans, industry trends, and current market needs.

UX Design

User-experience mapping is one of the most important aspects of building a digital product, if not the most important. This exercise involves researching your customers digital behaviour, starting from how they find you, who they follow, and where they commonly transact online, all the way to how they behave with digital products currently live in your target markets. Once we understand digital behaviours and metrics, we map a journey
with the least resistance and touchpoints for the user to enjoy a seamless state of the art user experience map. This user-centric digital journey is then used to design assets and elements of the interface that consumers eventually see in our products.

UI Interface

A self-intuitive, user-friendly, clean, and adaptable design can make all the difference in the world when it comes to market traction and loyalty for your digital products. At Torinit, we use state of the art UI design practices that produce visually pleasant, and functionally clean interfaces that are consistent with your overall brand experience.


A successful development framework is one where the product is understood by each team member in its entirety. An agile development plan is built with clearly defined milestones that are divided in bi-weekly sprints, which are then reported to stakeholders for instant feedback. Torinit, over the years, has developed state of the art coding practices that are used by a majority of the Fortune 100 companies today. We architect, “Pair-Program”, test, showcase, and deploy in sandbox.

Quality Assurance

Programming is Science – there is no perfect way to implement “theories” so “bugs” generally occur in every development cycle. We use frameworks during the development process to mitigate these bugs such as “Pair-Programming”, a concept where one developer codes while the other developer reviews the code at any given time. In addition to mitigation practices, we ensure to document test cases as soon as the product has been scoped out.
We then utilize best practices to match documented requirements with the bi-weekly deliverables during the development process to provide instant feedback to the development team

Deployment & Support

Deploying products with the right cloud partners and the appropriate service subscriptions is an important piece of the product development equation. Our breadth of experience with multiple service partners allows us to provide you with consolidated information on all suitable options available for deploying your products. We are AWS certified as it is our primary service partner.