We aim to build digital products that improve human lives.

WE INNOVATE where it’s needed and improve what has been ignored, creating better digital products, processes, and practices.

WE BUILD the most intricate, and addictive digital legacies that provide outstanding value to an entire ecosystem.

Our Story

Torinit discovers needs and fills them with custom innovations and improvements.

We were born out of this mindset. We identified that the digital landscape had a genuine need for a transparent, integrity-driven, true tech-business partnerships.

Founding Partner, Dikshant Batra worked in technology and operations at a major Canadian bank. There, he found himself at the mercy of the same crippling pitfalls encountered across virtually every industry working with most technology partners.

The common frustrations he experienced were...

  • False Promises
  • Inaccurate timelines
  • Missed deadlines
  • Confusion and feeling at their “mercy.”
  • Huge quotes for digital products
  • Inability to provide tangible proof of hours worked
  • Failed product deliverables
  • Budget overruns
  • Lack of accountability

The digital landscape has left a vital gap in vendor-customer relationships. Something had to change. The only way to solve the inherent problems existing in the digital world was to create a truly disruptive approach that could shake the foundations of this industry and the relationships within it.

since 2014

Torinit has been redefining the product development status quo, staying true to our aims of building digital products that enhance human lives.

Who We Are

Torinit develops the best digital products to help accelerate growth and increase market share. Through our digital diagnosis, development, perfected product roadmap and user journey including feature improvements, we provide the digital framework to launch, scale and grow any business.

Our team includes a full suite of digital experts, including software engineers, designers, product managers, and technology consultants, working synchronously to maximize your digital products.

What We Provide

We provide a unique strategic partnership model unseen in the industry that offers actual "skin in the game." Creating an environment where a business and digital product will thrive and grow.

Our services are adaptable to match the needs of companies at all stages and across a variety of industries. From equity partnerships to help pre-seed start-ups raise capital, to IT support for small businesses, or helping scale your business. Torinit is a complete solution to ensure the success of digital properties.

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