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Who We Are

Who We Are

Torinit Technologies Inc. is a global technology service provider focused on delivering IT solutions for its customers and channel partners.

Our team designs, develops and delivers custom technology systems encompassing the 3T Torinit trait - Technology = Trust + Transparency.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to make Canada a fully digitized economy that serves as an example for the rest of the world.

Our motivation is to see positive differences in our community with the vision to serve as an enabler to organizations that are driving towards our mission of digitizing Canada for the benefit of the people.

Our predictable growth engine has repeatedly proven to be an effective framework to deliver business growth by either increasing revenues or controlling costs.

Our Process

Our Process
Discovery Discovery

The Discovery phase is designed to enhance and test the strength, and feasibility of how ‘high the idea can fly’ when it goes to market through a rigorous business technical analysis process.

Our team conducts a deep dive analysis of your business and the project at hand with your business heads to flush out all existing concepts and future base and best case product feature scenarios.

Design Design

From branding, to colour palette finalization, to calculating the distance of the home button to your users twiddly thumbs - our design team gets to the meat of the user interface wireframes and user designs as part of this step.

Development Development

Utilizing the technical architecture set in place during Discovery, along with the finalized wireframes and designs, our experienced dev team guided by the technical PM and CTO, ensure our clients tight deadlines are met while ensuring a product of utmost quality.

Deployment Deployment

Post development and testing, the team ensures a seamless go-live deployment of the product, while ensuring 24 hour monitoring over the duration of our engagement.

Post Deployment Support Post Deployment Support

We offer up to 12 months of complementary support for Torinit Code, with on demand maintenance.

The most dependable and consistent way to create, grow or optimize your business is to understand your customer’s intent. That’s why we’re trusted by:

  • University of Toronto
  • eservous
  • Trea365
  • Korsall
  • Work Or Be
  • Nafex