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Even Uber and Airbnb started in the pre-seed phase. The unfortunate reality is that most early-stage companies never make it past this phase. Finding the right team, technology, experience, and capital are challenging tasks for a pre-seed founder to overcome. Putting these pieces together increases your odds of taking your business from start-up to exit significantly. Ask us about our track-record and Angel/VC Network.


Graduating from pre-seed to the seed stage is an impressive feat, but the transition presents a whole new set of challenges. You’ve secured the initial round of funding, put together a team, and developed your core product offering. Now, you need to refine your marketing, sales, customer success, product, retention and operations. We’ll help you avoid the critical mistakes that prolong “burn-rate,” to move towards raising your next round with conviction.

Series A

As your start-up moves beyond the seed stages and into Series A, new approaches and frameworks are required. Torinit supports companies as they move into the next phase in their development, scaling further and adding new revenue streams, feature improvements, aggregator partnerships, etc.

Our services help Series A companies perfect the customer journey, as well as leveraging AI and machine learning to add layers of deep tech to ensure an aggressive or progressive valuation.

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