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Start-ups aiming for Series A capital need to remain agile despite seemingly appearing as more “stable” than they did in the previous stages.

True agility isn't merely the ability to make quick decisions. It's in leveraging incisive planning and analysis.

Torinit provides the framework to continually reassess your needs and capabilities to excel in the market. Giving you the confidence to move into your Series A funds with momentum.

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The Network Effect

Keeping abreast of the needs and desires of your customers allows you to leverage the “Network Effect.” Creating a digital product or service that customers love is powerful.

When your customers love you, they spread that love, increasing the usage and perceived value of your product and brand. As a result, you can drive far more customers and add new revenue streams.

The Network Effect is the evolution of word-of-mouth, earning customer loyalty across all platforms and networks.

Torinit services help series A start-ups create this effect with improved customer journeys, UX, and analysis. All while creating a level of hyper-adoption and ambassadorship that supercharges your tech ecosystem.

series a startup scaling


Just as established businesses aim to increase revenue and profit, start-ups at every stage must scale to promote this growth.

For Series A companies, it’s essential to explore new revenue streams to establish your business and scale customer acquisition.

As Series A businesses scale, we continue to provide support primarily around technology and catalyzing revenue.

Our Series A Services

  • Improve the Customer Journey (Mapping & UX)
  • Remove Barriers to Acquisition
  • Improve Ease of Use and Adoption
  • Global Markets Perspective
  • Add New Features and Functions
  • Creating New Product Infrastructure
  • Improve Ease of Use and Adoption
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