Scaling Your MVP

Although you may have developed your MVP, the work is never over. Torinit helps you improve the user experience, increase market share, and grow existing revenue streams.

We use an expert-lead approach to penetrating product-market fit, exploring the right market for your product, and the best adaptations to improve that fit.

We provide the tools and framework to reach your customers and receive input so you can listen to your customers and pick out the right insights for success.

Those insights are combined with credible data to solidify features and revenue streams that are a right-fit to catalyze your MVP’s scale and growth.

Expanding Your Core Team

Although start-ups can launch with only a few on a team, you need to amplify your workforce once you enter the marketplace.

From customer service representatives to Chief Technology Officers, your internal support needs to increase as you grow.

Operating with an incomplete team keeps founders from hitting key targets.

Our service helps you analyze/automate missing roles, as well as identify essential team roles to scale your business model.

Expansion Planning

As seed founders aim to graduate to Series A, they need an expansion plan.

Torinit provides robust market, business, and technical analysis to assess your needs and opportunities for expansion.

As you begin to establish your business in the market, Torinit looks ahead to your expansion needs.

We build a secure and scalable tech ecosystem with a best-in-class digital experience.

This digital framework allows seed companies to adapt, grow, and scale as they graduate to the next stage.

Our Pre-Seed Services

  • Core Team Expansion
  • Expansion Planning
  • Penetrate Product-Market-Fit
  • Add Features and Revenue Streams
  • Key Partnership facilitations
  • Product Marketing / Management
  • Customer-Listening
  • Customer Success

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