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The real estate and construction industries are poised for immense digital disruption. Those that are quick to adopt the right technologies for their product/service to achieve significant growth, while those that delay may get left behind.

Torinit pinpoints the greatest opportunities and weaknesses in the technology of real estate and construction companies.

Leveraging their team of experts to select the right tech for specific businesses and processes.

Real Estate Technology Ecosystem

In top real estate markets, the industry has fallen into the habit of focusing on "beds and sheds." With attention falling on rentals, condos, warehousing, and fulfilment. However, there is a vast gap to fill for the demands of the near future, focusing on transit-oriented development and senior housing.

In-depth real estate software analysis is essential for recognizing returns on existing trends and upcoming opportunities. There is a massive shift in the tools and technology for real estate and asset management solutions.

Cloud-computing, automation, and machine learning are on their way to becoming staples in real estate, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. Legal documents and approval are rapidly filed, sent and approved. And pattern recognition tech can help determine where and when properties will get “hot.”

There is also a whole new realm of possibilities with real estate blockchain solutions. Major transactions no longer require influential banks or institutions, and tokenization securely splits up assets. As well blockchain allows for smarter contracts, with secure encryptions to reduce fraud and speed up processes.

The demand for real estate mobile apps is hot, as consumers tap into the sharing economy, MLSs, and visualization software.

Construction Technology Ecosystem

Construction is one of the industries most guilty of being slow to adopt tech solutions. Yet, it stands a lot to gain, with breakthroughs and processes revolutionizing the capabilities of those in-the-know.

One of the most considerable challenges in the industry today is a labour shortage. With the average worker over 50, the labour force is ageing out, and there is a drop in skilled and qualified workers. The best construction software helps companies do more with less.

That means finding software solutions to optimize processes with better project management tools. Scheduling, planning, communications, and fleet management software reduce wasted hours and required workforce. As well, better onboarding, gig-matching and HR software make it easy to hire contractors to fill gaps in workforce or expertise.

Leveraging emerging technologies and construction mobile apps can further reduce costs and enhance capabilities. AR & VR increase visualization capabilities to engage clients better. Smarter contracts and collaboration tools increase the ease, accuracy, and efficiency of operations.

One of the most critical and unaddressed sources of waste in the construction industry is the loss or theft of assets. This loss often goes unnoticed or unresolved, impacting the bottom line. Asset tracking and management tools help to streamline asset usage as well as reduce loss.

The Torinit Solution

Torinit is the digital partner real estate, and construction businesses need to thrive online. Our Product and Dev Stack/Technology audits identify the gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities within a company as well market. We work with a team of experts to resolve these issues for a more profitable business, poised to scale and grow.

We discover, develop, and implement the technology required for construction and real estate success:

  • Automation
  • Resource Planning
  • Software Analysis
  • Customer and Supplier Management
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Project Management Tools
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Asset Tracking Tools

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