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Torinit works closely with private equity firms and investors involved with companies of any size. Our consulting partnerships provide high-level support for investors and the businesses we invest in.

private equity technology consulting

A comprehensive private equity service, Torinit provides support from start to exit to help your investments thrive.

We identify and screen targets for maximum potential and minimizing risk while providing growth support and development.

Our Services for Equity Technology Services

Technical Audit

Torinit performs in-depth technical audits on start-ups and SMBs. Just as PEs require audited financial statements before investing in a business, they should also perform a tech audit.

An audited tech report ensures that a business has the right technology in place to succeed and scale without any identified breaches, as well as checking for gaps and opportunities to improve.

Our dev stack audit checks the tech ecosystem for security, scalability, e-compliance, and product enrichment.

It’s the smart way to protect any investment, particularly those in the digital product and services space.

Growth Tech Assessment

Our private equity consultations help private equity firms discover the best fit for their investments. We help identify targets that reduce risk, have complementary skill sets, and acquire the right tools to achieve success.

The majority of traditional businesses can increase both their top line and bottom line by implementing the right tools and technologies.

Our dev stack audits allow us to identify missing gaps in technology, security breaches, as well as opportunities for automation and machine learning.

We supply mergers and acquisitions with a comprehensive technology expansion roadmap. By leveraging these insights for technology intervention, we can increase success and maximize exit returns.

Why PEs Work With Us

Acquiring and investing in seed companies is high-risk, high-reward

At Torinit, we reduce the risks and maximize the reward..

private equity technology services

Screening Process

Financial audits and presentations are important but they cannot provide the full scope of a company’s ability to thrive.

Our screening process delves deeper into the potential of the deal at hand, as well as reveal potential pitfalls or opportunities for maximum improvement

Going Beyond Assessment

Our goal is to help your ventures thrive.

Torinit can provide the businesses that PE firms work with the technical support, development, and roadmapping they absolutely need to feel confident with an investment.

With this approach, Torinit points out concrete ways to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and generate more revenue streams.


PEs partner with Torinit because we don’t just provide screening, we offer the support and guidance that grows their investments and portfolio.

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