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Making the right decisions at the right time is both challenging and vital. Even a single roadblock can set you back for months, drain your bank account, or give your competitors an edge.

Torinit helps founders
navigate the jungle of the
start-up world.

We guide you through the essentials of launching your product:







How to Get Funding for
Start Ups

Raising capital is an essential task at the pre-seed stage, if that wish to scale with conviction. While businesses prepare to launch, it’s a struggle to generate revenue and keep operational costs low.

As much as we respect the “hustle” of bootstrapping, continuing down this road too long can ultimately be counter-productive to long-term growth.

It’s essential to seek out integrity-driven, strategic partnerships with relevant and impactful synergies that align with culture, values, and vision. We always ensure that produce the biggest impact with the least amount of code.

Funding supports the addressed priorities and gaps to keep a pre-seed afloat and move it to the next stages of funding with the utmost confidence and lowest stress levels.


Torinit discovers, develops and implements the right technology to allow start-ups to succeed.

With our ventures arm to support the companies we believe in most, flexibility, and shared-risk model, we are the solution for ensuring the epitome of a product delivered and mitigating the high costs of development.

Our Pre-Seed Services

  • Define Product Road Map
  • MVP Development
  • Product/Market Testing
  • Product Launch and Launch Strategy
  • Assistance Fundraising
  • Graduating to Seed and Profit

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