The healthcare industry has a long history of technological disruption. Today’s digital healthcare solutions are moving the industry forward at a breakneck pace. With the rapid evolution, it’s a challenge to find the right software and digital products to keep up.

Torinit helps healthcare providers, services, and products identify opportunities and weaknesses in their technology ecosystem.

Our team of experts discovers, develops and implements software and strategies to resolve specific business needs.

Technology Ecosystem

Healthcare software is changing the way doctors understand our bodies, and it's also revolutionizing how they interact with their patients.

Virtual health and online medicine platforms are streamlining the doctor-patient marketplace. Patients can quickly connect with doctors or specialists in their area and schedule an appointment online. Healthcare scheduling services can even quickly fill cancelled or missed appointments to minimize loss.

Improve your digital bedside manner. There's a great need to improve the customer experience in the online healthcare industry. Medical software for doctors allows them to connect with patients through their mobile devices—giving prescriptions, sick notes, and ordering lab work. But many are missing out on crucial customer journey and listening tools to determine how to engage clients better and increase revenue streams.

Doctors and hospitals leverage organizational and communications software to streamline processes. Now they are beginning to use blockchain technology to share information and documents faster through a secure, encrypted format.

Security isn't just a non-negotiable to the customer. Healthcare data is precious and sensitive; failure to provide adequate security measures can cause severe PR issues and lawsuits. What technology do you need to implement to protect and secure your customers' data?

The Torinit Solution

Torinit is a digital partner for healthcare providers, services, and products. Our healthcare technology audit identifies the gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities within a business. We work with a team of experts to resolve these issues for a more profitable business, positioned to scale and grow.

We discover, develop, and implement technology and digital products for the healthcare industry:

  • Automation
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Online Medicine and Virutal Health
  • Healthcare Product Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Scheduling Software
  • Patient-Doctor Marketplace
  • Machine Learning
  • Healthcare Data Security

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