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FinTech & InsurTech software solutions are revolutionary technologies, providing an alternative to industries dominated by large institutions.

New technologies improve their capabilities and give consumers more options. But, these sectors can’t be disruptive with the same mistakes and mindsets as traditional institutions. These emerging industries will be led by businesses that make the most of strategic planning and technology.

Torinit is a digital partner providing services to allow traditional businesses and new age disruptors to make the most of the new finance and insurance software.

Our team of experts discovers, develops and implements software to create optimal technology ecosystems.

FinnTech & InsurTech Technology Ecosystem

InsurTech and FinTech software development requires a comprehensive technology ecosystem to match the support and capabilities of major institutions. While these technologies are improving efficiency and accuracy, they also need to provide assurance and comfort to users to ensure adoption.

A common challenge digital finance and insurance products face is in creating a familiar experience. Having people communicating with robots and systems is cost-effective and efficient, but it can feel alienating to the customer. Implementing the right AI and machine learning tools can help to create more "human" interactions.

Better listening and engagement strategies provide more personal data and customer journey data. These insights allow businesses to penetrate the market with greater precision.

Another major challenge is compliance. FinTech and InsurTech software solutions have to overcome a lot of regulations and restrictions. A conscientious digital partner and auditing process can help ensure compliance with local and relevant legislation.

FinTech and InsurTech companies are frequently targeted by and are vulnerable to hackers. Reliable cybersecurity software solutions a necessity. The financial and insurance industries deal with large sums and highly personal information. The right technologies need to be in place to protect users, earn their confidence, and avoid scandal.

The Torinit Solution

Torinit is a digital partner for FinnTech and InsurTech software solutions. Our Dev Stack and Technology Audits identifies the gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities within a business. We work with a team of experts to resolve these issues for a more secure and profitable business.

We discover, develop, and implement the technology financial and insurance products require:

  • Automation
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security
  • Deep Tech
  • Mobile App Development
  • First-Party Insights
  • Data Aggregation & Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Incremental Revenue Streams
  • Consumer Engagement

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