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You are at the fingertips of 7.7 billion potential customers — but which online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms are equipped to capture their share? Technology is the most significant limiting factor in the growth of these industries.

Torinit provides the support companies need to succeed and grow. We marry the technological and customer experience needs to deliver better, more abundant e-commerce and marketplace ecosystems.

Data is the “new oil.” We help you capture relevant data throughout the customer journey, from discovery to sale to repeat business.

Are you even capturing data? Are you using it? What additional revenue streams could you unlock with that data?

How much more precisely could you be marketing? Do you have a machine learning/AI strategy in place to start using this data autonomously? Capturing data can transform a business in ways never thought possible.


Ecommerce has a low barrier for entry, but a high one for success. An extensive yet engaging e-commerce technology ecosystem is essential for ecomms to thrive and grow.

Inventory management software drives the core functions. For internal organization and consistency, e-comms need to have the right tools in place to acquire, upload and manage their inventory reliably. As well, they need an efficient sales processing and inventory fulfillment solutions.

In addition to supply chain management software, they also need to acquire customers and optimize the customer journey. Using analytical tools enhance targeting, and solutions like CRM, chatbots, and shopping cart software minimize lost sales to increase revenue and generate longer customer lifespans.

The modern e-commerce consumer is sophisticated and demanding. Their higher expectations create an opportunity for businesses that create the right tech ecosystem to meet their needs. They demand stronger e-commerce security, as well as a user experience that is intuitive and consistent.

With e-commerce businesses showing up left, right and centre, it’s important to have appeal that encompasses the level of digital disruption that a physical brick and mortar “pop-up experiential activation,” would provide to an audience from an engagement standpoint.


Once dominated by goods in the hay-days of eBay, online marketplaces are now seeing the most considerable growth in the services sector. Throughout the ongoing changes and growths, there is a constant - all marketplace requires a comprehensive technology ecosystem.

A marketplace has a unique challenge; they need to acquire both the suppliers and the customers. Then, they need to develop a seamless customer experience across multiple sellers with different products, information, and knowledge. Inconsistencies — from distribution to vendor dashboards — are a significant challenge for marketplaces, especially as they grow and incorporate for vendors.

Customer management software plays a double role, catering to both buyers and sellers. It requires intelligent implementation and proper support to satisfy user needs.

As well, marketplaces can benefit significantly from mobile apps. Customers are more willing to download a marketplace mobile app than one from a single supplier, as it offers further prominent functionality. Building a capable, user-friendly app requires working with the right digital partner.

The Torinit Solution

Torinit is the digital partner e-commerce, and marketplace businesses need to thrive online. Our holistic business and technology audit/discovery identifies the gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities within a company as well market. We work with a team of experts to resolve these issues for a more profitable business, positioned to scale and grow.

We discover, develop, and implement the technology required for e-commerce and marketplace success:

  • Supply and Demand Acquisition
  • Bandwidth Availability
  • Protocol and Up-date Integrations
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Suggestive/Bespoke Data mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Optimization
  • Increased Cart sizes
  • Decreased time between repeat transaction
  • Reduce Bounce Rates
  • Live Inventory (EDI like capabilities)
  • Creative / UX / UI / Custom Illustrations

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