Why You Need a Mobile App: More Conversions


Mobile dominance has continued to grow over the past decade. Mobile web traffic has long since surpassed desktop traffic, and the gap continues to grow. As a result, most sites today recognize the need for a mobile-friendly website.

The mobile web, however, is not enough for most companies to meet their potential. To truly leverage the advantage of mobile usage, you need a mobile app.

Mobile Apps Have Higher Conversion Rates

Apps are a must-have tool to maximize conversions. According to the Mobile Commerce Report, apps average 157% more conversions than mobile web platforms. This trend held true in all industries tested, with mobile apps significantly outperforming the mobile web.

Despite the performance discrepancy, many businesses still settle for mobile websites. The main justification for this is that mobile websites have a lower barrier to entry. 

A common obstacle some companies expect when considering a mobile application is getting people to download and use the app. The extra effort, however, consistently proves worthwhile as apps offer greater conversion value.

Importance of a Mobile Presence

Having a mobile presence is essential for anyone that engages clients online. According to GlobalStats, mobile website traffic is higher than desktop and tablet web traffic combined. With over 50% of online activity occurring on mobile devices, mobile-first thinking is essential.

While having a mobile app is the best way to increase conversions, at the bare minimum you should have a mobile-friendly website. Many of the most successful products have both.

Benefits of Mobile Apps Over Mobile Web


Mobile apps provide greater user insights. They deliver a more in-depth picture of who users are, how they use your app, and what they use it for. This is important information for successfully marketing the product, as well as improving retention and usage.

Furthermore, these insights help to further refine your app development. It’s easy to spot trouble areas like customer dropoff points and UX issues. This allows for informed decision-making when adding features, improving sales flow, and even deciding when and how to use push notifications. 

The incredible insights mobile apps provide result in smarter decisions when refining your product. As a result, you can improve your conversion rate further and faster.


A mobile app offers built-in loyalty. When a user has your app, it’s easier for them to use it than to go to a competitor website or seek out other apps. You also have your branding front-of-mind, with users seeing your logo every time they go through their apps. As such, you build a stronger connection with your users, even when they are not actively engaged.

Building a mobile app already lends itself to customer loyalty but, with the right tools, you can improve that relationship even more. Apps are the ideal solution for customer loyalty programs, giving points, discounts, or exclusive offers to loyal app users.


Having a dedicated place on your users’ smartphone streamlines communication. You’re anchored in on their most important communication tool. An app makes it easy to open a dialogue with your customers.  One-way dialogue, such as push notifications and alerts can inspire actions and conversions. Two-way dialogues, like reviews, can help you improve your product and customer relations.

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