Reduce Dropped Carts with eCommerce Customer Journey Maps


Abandonment is the bane of eCommerce. Losing a prospect before the completion of a sale is hard to take after all the time and effort it takes to get discovered. But no abandonment is quite so painful as dropped carts. You got so close. The customer got as far along as loading up their shopping carts, and then somewhere in between that and checking out, they decide to leave.

It’s like a bad break up. You don’t know what happened, it’s just over - and it’s up to you to figure out why. Fortunately, unlike an unrequited love, there is something you can do about eCommerce cart abandonments.

Today we’re going to guide you through why people dop carts online, and how you can use customer journey maps to prevent, or recover, these abandonments.

Why People Abandon Carts Online

Carts are lost for all sorts of reasons, many of which have solutions or opportunities. Once you identify the cause of the abandonment, you can resolve it. Creating a customer experience (CX) roadmap is a good way to identify problem areas and engagements that lead to dropped carts.

Just Browsing

One of the most common reasons people abandon eCommerce carts is that they are, “just browsing.” In the breakup analogy, this is the equivalent of, “it’s not you, it’s me.” The customer just isn’t at a place where they’re ready to commit.

Just browsing isn’t a death sentence for your sale. It just means you’re capturing their attention at the discovery phase on the sales funnel. You can use this opportunity to stay top of mind with the client and maintain engagements until they are ready to make a purchase. It’s not a lost cause, it’s a relationship that you need to nurture.


Whether they’re getting hit with sticker shock or out deal-hunting, price is a major contributor to eCommerce abandonment. If customers can find a comparable product at a better price, they’re unlikely to stick around.

UA premium product shouldn’t drop its prices to match with an economy brand. But if similar products are selling for less, they may want to either adjust their pricing or do more to sell their unique value proposition. What does your product bring to the table that your competitors don’t?


Shipping is a major cause of late-stage cart abandonment. A customer may be satisfied with the price and features of a product, but once the shipping pops up, they get scared off. Price and speed are the two biggest factors here.

While you may be able to alter your shipping options here, sometimes you are more or less locked in. Large, heavy products, for example, will always have a higher shipping cost. If this is losing your customers, you may want to consider tightening your marketing efforts closer to the shipping center. The closer proximity will reduce shipping costs.

Payment Options

Making online purchases requires a great degree of trust. The customer is putting their information in your hands and needs assurance that your eCommerce platform will protect it. Using recognized payment processing platforms increases security and trust, removing that barrier.

As well, the payment options available to the customer can be an important factor. For instance, if you only accept PayPal and not credit cards, you could potentially lose out on any customer without a PayPal account.


Finally, there is the user experience itself. Any hiccups or difficulties the customer faces while trying to make a purchase increase the likelihood of abandonment. Broken captchas, unintuitive navigation, glitches, and unresponsive forms are all likely to ruin your sale.

eCommerce Customer Journey Maps

A customer journey map tells the story of your customer experience. The map is a visual representation of how customers engage with your brand or product, from discovery to the ongoing relationship.

By laying out the customer journey map, you can identify the exact point when customers are dropping carts. This pinpoints issues in UX, CX, or other causes of abandonment. You can use this information to smooth out hurdles, preventing the same issues from reoccurring in the future.

Although dropped eCommerce carts are frustrating, they are also invaluable learning opportunities when paired with a customer journey map.

They help you resolve ongoing issues with solutions like sales flow optimization and marketing insights, which will benefit future sales. But more than that, customer journey maps can even help you get back your lost carts with strategies like cart recovery emails and targeted offers.

Get The Right Technology to Reduce Dropped eCommerce Carts

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