Communication Strategies to Increase App User Retention


A good app can take months, or even years, to develop. With that kind of time investment, user retention is essential for getting a worthwhile return. Unfortunately, most apps get deleted by users before reaching their full potential. On average, they see half of their usage occurring in the first six months, and then they begin to falter and fade.

For mobile apps, the key to user retention is keeping users engaged. Once usage slows, app churn rates surge. Most apps are uninstalled after going unused for less than one week. This is the result of a failure to communicate on the part of the app owner. Smart, proactive communication strategies keep users engaged, ensuring better retention rates and a better ROI for your mobile app.

Simply providing the right communication at the right time is often enough to increase the lifespan of your app. Today, we offer 4 simple communication strategies you can employ to improve app retention.

Know The User

A mobile app gives you access to a wealth of user data. You learn who they are, how they interact with your product and brand, and what motivates them to take action. Leverage this data to know how and when to communicate with your users.

User Feedback

Actionable user feedback requires a combination of hard and soft data. Collecting hard data such as how often a user opens an app, how long they spend on it, and average conversion values are easy to collect through your app. Soft data requires a dialogue with users. 

Soft data provides valuable information that is hard to read without communicating with your users. How do they feel about your app? What are their pain points or desires? What features and functions would they like to see?

Collecting user feedback gives us a direct line into what the user is thinking, and what we can improve to create a seamless user experience. Look to reviews and surveys to discover what people love about your app, and what roadblocks might exist. Use in-app notifications to encourage users to leave a review. 

When reading reviews, interact with them. If a reviewer complains about a problem, let them know you’ve seen their concern as well as what solutions you are implementing. This allows you to improve your product, increase the relationship with that user, and show other users that you care about them in one swoop.

In-App Messaging

Apps that send too many notifications are annoying. Excessive messages are often dismissed and can easily lead to app uninstallation. Finding that balance can be difficult, but there is one place where your messaging is always appropriate: in-app.

In-app messaging is an unobtrusive way to keep your users in touch and up to date with your product. They make it possible to inform users of any updates you’ve made or encourage them to act on special offers. You can even tailor messaging to specific user funnels for a more personalized experience.

Push Notifications

Although overuse can be a negative, well-executed push notification strategies improve user retention and increase sales. They are the best way to message users who have your mobile app but are not currently using it. Push notifications incentivize action and get users to engage, instead of letting apps sit on their devices until they are forgotten or deleted.

Take advantage of your hard and soft data collection to figure out how often you should send push notifications out. If you’re getting a good response rate, you may be able to increase your notification frequency. If responsiveness starts to fall, consider changing your messaging or dialling back the frequency.

Push notifications are also a great opportunity to address dropped eCommerce shopping carts. If a customer leaves the app with unpurchased items in their cart, send out a push notification of reminder. If they left due to a distraction or to shop around, this reminder is a good way to ensure they come back to purchase from you, and don’t default to a competitor.

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