6 Reasons You Need an IT Roadmap for Products in 2020


An information technology (IT) roadmap is an important tool for making any major product changes in 2020. Whether you are launching a new product, scaling an existing one, or migrating to a new platform, you need a well-informed strategy to achieve your goals. 

IT Roadmaps serve the basic function of any other map. If you know where you are and where you want to go, the map shows you how to get to the right place safely, efficiently, and intelligently.

An IT roadmap, however, doesn’t focus on geography. Instead, it details how and when you should implement software and tools to help you get to your destination. 

The process starts with a technology audit. The audit assesses your existing technology, seeking out existing gaps and opportunities for improvement. Then it determines what you need to achieve your next steps, what the best options to implement or develop are, and how to make sure they all work together harmoniously.

  1. Reduce Costs

Reducing costs is the fastest way to see a positive ROI on new products, upgrades, or migrations. An IT roadmap helps you find the right products on the first attempt, taking away all the guesswork, wasted spend on insufficient or inappropriate technology. This reduces costs as well as the time spent picking your tech.

The roadmap can also help reduce the number of overall tools you need. Fewer tools mean lower costs, less confusion, and fewer redundancies. For instance, if a business needs a word processor, a spreadsheet platform, and a presentation tool they can save more money by getting Microsoft Suite rather than buying three separate programs from different providers. This has the added benefit of seamless movement between the three programs, making it easy to share and collaborate securely.

  1. Smoother/More Efficient Operations

Planning ahead ensures all your products work together cohesively. This lends itself to greater efficiency and reduces the need for troubleshooting. You also get to work on your own timelines, keeping progress predictable and reliable.

An IT roadmap prevents the hiccups that can occur while using conflicting or incongruent software and technology. You can pick out exactly what you need and have a clear plan for how to use them together. This makes day-to-day use run smoother, as well as training new employees.

  1. Understand Your IT Infrastructure & Capabilities

Drafting and reviewing an IT roadmap is your chance to understand the full IT infrastructure and capabilities. Over time, many of the potential uses of different software go unknown. Take this opportunity as a refresher to learn what else you can be doing with current software, as well as removing redundancies.

  1. Resolve Underlying Issues

Almost every product’s technology ecosystem has flaws. Your technology audit and IT roadmap help uncover the gaps and issues within your current systems. 

This is a chance to fix issues or fill in gaps. Take this chance to improve your existing technology ecosystem and prepare for future opportunities.

  1. Security

Digital security is an ongoing battle. The tools are constantly changing in an effort to stay ahead of hacking software and strategies. Every company needs a clear strategy for how they implement their own digital security solutions.

  1. Prioritize for MVP

Most successful products launch with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). An IT roadmap gives you the ability to plan out the software and tech you need to launch your MVP. It also highlights what you need for your next steps as you build out future iterations and features of the product.

Start Building Your IT Roadmap

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