5 Things Successful Start-Ups Have in Common


What makes a startup successful? There’s no secret formula or cheat code to skyrocket a product to the top of its niche. But with our experience bringing start-ups from pre-seed to post-seed to series A, we have found some definite traits that link the most successful start-ups.

Today, we explore 5 things that all the most successful start-ups have in common.

1. Clear Goals & Objectives

There is no measurement for success, unless you know what your picture of success is. A clear raison d’etre breathes life, meaning, and direction to your start-up. 

Every start-up needs to establish early on what it is they are trying to achieve, what their goals are, and how they’ll measure their objectives. This gives purpose and direction to planning. Goals should be broken out over a timeline, used in your project roadmap. Use them to establish what you want to accomplish, and when/where that fits into your timeline.

Look at weekly goals, monthly goals, annual goals, and the overall objectives of your product or service. 

Aspirational goals are nice, but the best goals are specific, attainable, and measurable. 

2. The Right Team

One of the big reasons start-ups fail is not having the right team. When the right skills and chemistry fall into place, businesses can do incredible things. When they don’t, it’s easy to get strung up on manual tasks and communication failures.

Hiring the right people is hard. How do you find team members with the right vision, drive, and expertise to realize your dream? 

Many successful start-ups solved this challenge by leveraging their strategic partners. These partners are involved and experienced at all stages of building, launching, and scaling start-ups. Trust their knowledge and connections to help find the right puzzle pieces to fit perfectly into your team.

Strategic partners use strong hiring practices to help you find the right people with the diverse skills you need. Hire experienced CFOs, developers, and more.

3. Sustainable, Scalable Business Model

Most start-ups have a long road ahead before reaching their profit potential, so you need a business model that is built to last. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. As such, sustainability is important. You can’t burn through your resources before you hit that next level.

The difficulty is that while you need to keep a sustainable model, it’s important to be ready to seize the opportunity when your time comes. That means being ready to scale at any time. Ask yourself, do you have the right technology in place for responsive, agile scaling? 

If not, consider conducting a technology audit. This helps you choose tools and scaling infrastructure that grows with your business.

4. Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships help with more than just putting together the right team. They’re your foot in the door, and leg up on the competition. A strategic partner has a direct interest in helping your company succeed, grow, and last.

They provide the experience, connections, and infrastructure you need. Get to market faster, get your products in front of relevant consumers better, build better products, and earn actionable insights. 

We can all make it, but no one makes it alone.

5. Ongoing Product Evolution/Improvement

The best start-ups are never satisfied. Your first product iteration doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, we recommend you launch with a minimum viable product (MVP). What you must do, however, is constantly improve on it.

If you wait to build the perfect product, you’ll never get to market. But, if you let your product stagnate afterwards, you may as well have not even launched. 

Once successful start-ups launch, they go through ongoing testing, data analysis, and user feedback to continually improve their product. With each iteration, they become more relevant, useful, and profitable.

Instead of trying to make a perfect product, make a product and then perfect it.

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