Torinit’s existing partnerships with venture capitalists and ongoing partnerships with new and emerging businesses make us an ideal partner for VCs.

Our work with startups and SMBs provides them with thes technology ecosystem and framework they need to thrive.

With our partnerships, we’re able to reduce risk for venture capitalists.

Our technology audits and assessments help to ensure the companies you invest in possess the right tools to succeed.

As well, we provide them with support through our technology, guidance, and expertise.

Our Services for Venture Capital

We provide essential services to venture capitalists to help ensure their investments are sound and
well-positioned for success. Before investing their capital, VCs trust Torinit to assess their potential investments.

Technical Audit

Torinit provides technical due diligence. Providing in-depth tech audits for VCs prior to investing in a company (M&A’s) to ensure that they make informed decisions. Just as VCs require audited financial statements before investing in a business, they should also perform a tech audit to de-risk the opportunity.

An audited tech report ensures that a business has the right (secure) technology in place to be successful and scale, as well as checking for gaps and opportunities to improve. Our audit checks the tech ecosystem for security, scalability, e-compliance, and product enrichment.

It’s the smart way to protect your investments in any industry.

Deal Flow

Let’s help each other out. At Torinit, a partnership isn’t about a single deal. We aim for lasting, mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships with Venture Capitalists and Angel groups.

Our process helps to improve your deal flow through screening businesses, ultimately offering higher returns with lower risk.

We work with the most promising start-ups that look to raise capital and we love partners jumping in to invest alongside. We keep success front of mind, actively consulting with the aim to drive business development, streamline processes and improve digital products to increase revenue.

As well, our venture capital partners can receive access to the Torinit portfolio for opportunities to get involved with our growing client base. Our portfolio includes companies that have undergone our tech audit process and are already on their way.

By taking advantage of two-way deal flow, we can each benefit, growing portfolios and improving the success rate and profitability of the investments inside them.

Why VCs Work With Us

Funding seed companies is high-risk, high-reward.

At Torinit, we reduce the risks and maximize the reward.

Screening Process

Financial audits and presentations are important but they cannot provide the full scope of a start-up’s ability to succeed and thrive.

Our screening process delves deeper into the potential of pre-seed and seed companies, as well as uncovering potential pitfalls or opportunities for improvement.

Going Beyond Assessment

Our goal is to help your ventures thrive.

Torinit can provide start-ups with technical support, development and roadmapping.

With this approach, we help them reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and generate more revenue streams.


Venture Capital partners with Torinit because we don’t just provide screening, we offer the support and guidance that helps their investments succeed and grow.

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