The best SMBs always have an eye towards double-digit growth.

Small businesses strive to become medium. Medium businesses aim to become large enterprises. But with all the challenges of simply maintaining an SMB, moving to the next stage can feel like a pipe dream.

With all the challenges of simply maintaining an SMB, moving to the next stage can feel like a pipe dream. To get there, you need a partner that can help you achieve a balance in quick and intelligent growth.

Torinit’s strategic partnerships provide SMBs with the ability to scale while improving their product and customer experience.

How We Work With SMBs

Torinit helps SMBs refine their business while providing the support to develop successfully.

We guide business development and analyze customer journeys to help SMBs increase revenue generation and decrease operational costs.

Discovering Technology Gaps and Tech-Support

Most SMBs operate with major gaps in their technology that they don’t even know exist.

It’s easy for this to slip through the cracks because just thinking about auditing technology can scare us.

What we don’t know, can’t hurt us, right? Wrong.

These gaps can reduce efficiency and accuracy, or even prevent receiving valuable feedback and information that would have been critical to proactively prevent a disaster or pivot at the perfect time to unleash tremendous growth.

Torinit provides a full-scale digital diagnosis and SMB technology audit. Then we move at your pace under our guidance to ensure KPIs are exceeded.

We identify the gaps in your technology to identify, implement or develop APIs and applications to improve your digital products and process.

The technical analysis also identifies underperforming/insufficient tools currently in use, as well as discovering and addressing security issues. This means we can fix or replace them with state-of-the-art tools to foster hyper-growth.

In addition to discovering gaps in technology, Torinit is able to provide tech maintenance and support. Our SMB IT support services keep your technology running properly and can quickly resolve issues or provide upgrades.

Altogether, these practices allow us to create a better tech-ecosystem for your business.

Mobile App Development and Funding

Mobile app development is in high demand for today’s SMBs. A powerful mobile app can be used to drastically improve internal processes and efficiency or offer a better UX to customers.

Mobile apps provide a faster, more personal, and more immersive experience that keeps customers engaged with a brand﹘online and off.

Push notifications are hard to ignore in comparison to emails.

Customer Journey Enrichment

To scale your customer acquisition, it’s essential to optimize the user and customer journey. How do we make the users fall in love with engaging with your brand? Torinit understands that a complete tech ecosystem includes people, not just SMB technology.

We leverage our deep expertise in analyzing your users, data, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses to create and analyze your customer’s flow. Allowing us to uncover the low hanging fruit with major impacts and long-term growth plan aligned with your unique business model.

Growing your business means improving your customer and user journey.

Our Services for SMBs

Growing your business requires a SMB service provider with the right experience and technology to help you succeed. It takes a full-scale approach to increase your bottom line, decreasing operational costs and increasing revenue streams. Torinit provides a range of essential SMB services to improve your technology and customer experience:

  • Technology Audit
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Technology Maintenance
  • Business Analysis
  • Custom Software
  • Website Optimization

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